Brinks 2014 Announcement 53

Winnie Brinks has always worked for her community. Working in schools and nonprofits, Winnie has always helped empower people to overcome challenges. She’s supported children as they grow and learn so they get a great start in life. She has worked with businesses to develop and retain employees, leveraging the best resources of nonprofits, businesses and government for the good of our communities. Helping people succeed continues to be Winnie’s passion as she works for you in the Legislature.

In the Michigan House of Representatives, Winnie sponsored proposals to bring tax relief to middle-class families and to improve the quality of care at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. She has introduced several proposals that would help women fight breast cancer, and introduced legislation that would hold Michigan government accountable to you.

Winnie is a graduate of Calvin College. She and her husband, Steve, have three children: Olivia, Annalise and Emma.

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