Winning for west michigan

World-Class Schools

Crowded classrooms and an overemphasis on standardized testing are robbing our children of opportunity. I’ve worked with students on a personal level, empowering them to grow, learn, and thrive. We must prioritize education funding at a level that reduces class sizes, encourages critical thinking and ensures all of our children get the education they need to succeed

Investing in Small Business

Investing in our small businesses and our workforce is not only good for the bottom line, it’s good for people and our community. I’ve worked with businesses to develop and retain employees, leveraging the best resources of nonprofits, businesses and government to improve workforce retention. I’ll continue to fight for policies that support small businesses and investment in workers.

Health Care That Doesn’t Break the Bank

A healthy Michigan is a strong Michigan. That’s why I’m leading the charge to ensure every Michigander has access to high quality health care. Republicans have taken away health care from tens of thousands. I’ll work to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, essential health benefits such as maternity care, prescription drugs, mental health treatment, and the ability to keep children insured through age 26. Getting the care you need to go to work or school and care for your family should never break the bank.

Serving Those Who Served

We owe our veterans the best care possible, not a compromise. I’ve fought to undo the damage caused by Republicans after they privatized care at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. I’ve pushed for an ombudsman to investigate abuse and neglect, and insisted the legislature hold hearings at the home so residents who suffered could finally be heard. I’ll continue to fight for the best care for the honorable men and women who put their lives on the line for us.

Protecting Our Most Precious Resource

No family should have to wonder if the water coming out of their tap is safe to drink. Republicans in Lansing are failing in their obligation to protect Michigan’s water. Instead, they have reduced transparency and accountability, making it easier for special interests and polluters to veto proposed environmental rules, overrule permits denied by the DEQ, withdraw our water for profit or poison lakes and rivers with PFAS chemicals. I’m leading the fight to establish safer limits on PFAS in drinking water and policies that will hold polluters responsible.

Building Quality Roads and Infrastructure

Michigan families rely on safe roads to get to work and take their kids to school. Farms and other businesses need well-maintained roads to bring their goods and services to market. Republicans raised the gas tax promising better roads and bridges, but our infrastructure continues to crumble. We cannot afford to lose businesses and jobs or let bridges rain down on drivers. I’ll work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to develop a real roads plan and a fair way to pay for it.

Holding Government Accountable

Republicans have passed bills to double political contribution limits, and rigged the rules to allow corporate CEOs and billionaires to spend unlimited secret money on campaigns. They’ve repeatedly pushed measures that make it more difficult to vote and make it easier for politicians to cherry-pick their constituents. Michiganders deserve transparency and accountability from their elected officials. It’s time to end gerrymandering and ensure everyone has the same access to vote on Election Day.